On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin’s mission of being the first man to explore space made Front Page headlines on newspaper around the globe. On his wrist, was the first watch to escort him into space–Sturmanskie, which also planted its own stake in history that day.

The exquisite design of the Heritage Gagarin Collection pays tribute to Yuri’s astronomical feats. First in space, the Sturmanskie withstood severe conditions, including zero gravity, strong accelerations, unpredictable vibrations, and varying temperatures. Handcrafted with precision, this watch will make a statement all its own on your wrist.


History and tradition go hand in hand. Just like exploration and adventure work together as one. Unite all these principles and a heritage is passed down from one generation to the next. We developed the Heritage Collection to pass down our innovation along with a timeless remembrance of our history in exploration.

Celebrating the era of space exploration and the first space flight to the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, or finding new frontiers at the far Northern corner of the globe are among the many highlights of Russian heritage. To create your own, just set some time to do create your own mark in history with a Sturmanskie Heritage watch.


Innovative, bright collection, in which technologies and art were merged.
In 2013, we created the Mars collection, in which the theme of space in construction continued in the design of the case in a complex enamel technique, giving a glossy pulsating color in edge frame of polished steel. Of course, this technique, very complex and decorative, had to find its embodiment in female watches.
Today we present the latest collection of Mars Lady, in which color plays a key role.




Russian watches that are created for the conquest of the wilderness have a great story. These are marine chronometers, and diver watches, which are now represented in the Sturmanskie collection.


Aboard the Voskhod­2 with Commander Pavel Belyaev and co­pilot Alexei Leonov, a new chapter in space exploration had been started. After Leonov successfully performed the first space walk for twelve minutes and nine seconds, Belyayev prepared to return to Earth. However, due to a system failure, Belyayev was forced to perform a manual re­entry, another first in man’s history of space exploration. Both astronauts worn Sturmanskie watches during this extremely challenging mission.

During his space walk, Alexei Leonov wore a chronograph with additional telemetry and tachymeter scales. Pavel Belyaev used a watch with 24 hour indication. Today, Open Space collection features the reproduction of these legendary watch models.
The NE88/1855992 model is a modern interpretation of historic Leonov’s watch with dynamic lines and ergonomic casing. Polished chambers in combination with matte textures underscore the case and teardrop­shaped chronograph buttons resemble eyelets.

The 2431/1765933 preserves the same design of the watch exploited by Pavel Belyaev during the space walk flight. Powered by Russian self­winding movement, its timeless design is worth of being commended when worn on your wrist.

In addition, to celebrate the bravery of these two cosmonauts in 1965, the Open Space Collection introduces a completely new watch model with moon phase indication. Concave spherical glass with two radiuses emphasize the continuity of the design, it is complemented by the curved dial in ivory or deep blue color in combination with silver, and arched hands with luminescent composition. The model is produced in Limited Edition using Russian movement cal.310579 and see­through back cover.


The USSR continued its conquest of space on August of 1962 with its first dual space flight, led by Andriyan Nikolaev, commanding Vostok-3 and Pavel Popovich on Vostok-4. At one point, the two ships were merely at 75 miles from each other, proving that contact in outer space was possible. Vostok-3 and Vostok-4 not only far exceeded the flight-duration records of all those flights combined, but also appeared to master the capability of formation flying. Both Nikolaev and Popovich were accompanied by Sturmanskie watches on their missions. Our Pioneers of Space Collection is dedicated to these cosmonauts and their mission of making the first group space flight in the world.



Want to explore the road less traveled? The Sturmanskie Traveler model brings together the best of both worlds with practical functionality and value you can appreciate. Rain or shine, city or backcountry, your Sturmanskie companion is one you can rely on in all weather conditions and for whatever itinerary pops up.




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